The Anita Ghulam Ali Award for Teachers, constituted in 2008, recognizes teachers’ efforts and excellence in teaching. The Iconic stature of Anita Ghulam Ali in Education in Pakistan and the teaching community in particular, symbolizes a continuous struggle for social change through teaching and learning. It is for this reason that the first award for Excellence in Teaching in Pakistan is named after her. The award, initiated and coordinated by Idara Taleem o Agahi (ITA) is merit-based where the applications and nominations are assessed and judged by an eminent panel of judges.

In its second year, the 2009 AGA Award aims to recognize Excellence in teaching at the Early Childhood Education level. Given that ECE sets the foundation for learning, teachers have an immensely important role to play at this stage. The nature and quality of early care a child receives from parents, pre-school teachers and care givers determines how a child learns and relates to school and life in general. It is during the early years that a child develops confidence, curiosity, purposefulness, self control, connectedness, the capacity to communicate and cooperate – all the elements required for becoming a life-long learner.

The AGA Teachers’ Award for 2009 acknowledges efforts for promoting Early Childhood Education in Pakistan, both by teachers and teacher educators. ITA is inviting applications with a complete portfolio of work. Eligibility criteria, important dates and registration forms can be accessed at