– “Khushagawar Taleemi Mahol” a 15-hour workshop, was conducted at TRC for 20 teachers of Ghulam Nabi School situated in Baba Island, from 22 – 24th February, 2009. The workshop was requested by the Navy League, who have adopted this government school.
The workshop focused on the importance of an effective learning environment, and included aspects such as, classroom organization, setting up learning corners, implementing a daily routine, nurturing children’s self esteem and a teacher’s role and responsibilities.

A variety of teaching methods were used during the training sessions, such as, warm up activities, brainstorming, group work, whole group interactive discussions on different learning areas, and presentations. In order to keep participants active and lively, poems were also shared with them after each review session and whenever energies seemed to be lagging.

A copy of Mazboot Bunyadein (ECE Teachers’ Guide, Urdu version), and TRC souvenirs like the TRC Bag, Note pad, Bookmark and TRC Folder were given to each participant.