Member, Training and Development Team

With a Bachelor’s of Science degree, Tabinda Jabeen started her career as a teacher in a private school in 1998. She taught a variety of subjects including Math, Science, Social Studies and English at both the primary and secondary level. Her last stint as a teacher was at the PECHS Girls’ School in Karachi. While working there, she discovered a passion for early childhood education and enrolled in TRC’s ECE course.

Completing this programme became the catalyst for the next phase in her career and shortly thereafter in 2010, Tabinda joined TRC as a member of the Training and Development team. She is also a member of the faculty for the ECE course.

She has travelled extensively around Pakistan to conduct workshops for both the public and private sector. While at TRC, Tabinda has also been a valuable member of several high-profile education projects such as the Aga Khan Foundation’s ‘Releasing Confidence and Creativity’, Open Society Foundation’s ‘Thinking Classroom Project’, UNESCO’s ‘Activity Based Learning in Multigrade Classrooms’ and UNICEF’s Technical Backstopping to PITE’, Balochistan, to name a few.

From liaising with partners to the development of resources for educational projects to conducting stimulating training session, Tabinda wears several hats in every project that she is part of.