Our colleague, Lila Ram decided it was time to move on and we fully respect his decision. He left TRC in November 2008, to join UNICEF Karachi. He spent eleven years with us at TRC, and learnt and grew with the organisation. He will be missed and we wish him all the best in the future.
Samira Rahimtoola, armed with an MBA (from the IBA, Karachi) in Finance, joined us in November 2008. She brings with her ten years of experience in various academic, administrative, co-ordination and HR related areas. She will help raise funds for TRC’s publications and events and take care of some of our HR related needs. As soon as her daughter is a little older and goes to school full time, Samira will be in a position to give more time to TRC. We welcome her and look forward to funding for Ilm o Amal at last!