Senior Manager Membership Network

Rubina Naqvi is a highly experienced educator and trainer who is committed to supporting and empowering teachers and school managers to improve the quality of education. In addition to developing, customising and conducting training programmes for teachers and school managers, Rubina also conducts comprehensive school evaluations, skillfully diagnosing areas of concern in a school.

Rubina has BSc/BEd degrees from Karachi University and is an accredited trainer with a Diploma in Professional Studies from University of Bradford, UK. In her 38 years of association with the field of education, Rubina has acquired a full range of experiences that include teaching, teacher training and school management. She has worked in various capacities with the Beaconhouse School System. Currently, she is a Senior Manager at TRC leading TRC’s flagship workshop programme. Her strong communication and interpersonal skills have enabled her to liaise with TRC’s member schools and cultivate a supportive relationship with them. She is driven by a sense of service and a passion to contribute towards the betterment of children and their education.