04 June, 2009
Bushra Khan and Dr. Bilal Iqbal Avan from the Department of Psychology, University of Karachi and Department of Psychiatry, Oxford University, U.K. respectively, are conducting a study about the behaviour challenges of children aged 11 to 12.

The purpose of this research is to identify the link between environmental factors, physical growth and children’s behaviour challenges. Behaviour challenges have been broadly defined as persistent maladaptive patterns of behaviour that interfere with a child’s daily life: socially, emotionally and academically.

Bushra Khan requested Mahenaz Mahmud of TRC, to be part of a small working group tasked with reviewing the Urdu translation of the data collection questionnaire. The working group met twice at TRC on May 15 and 20, 2009. TRC was also requested to facilitate the data collection from member schools. Saba Siddiq from TRC liaised with schools and Bushra Khan. The last data collection visit was made on June 03. A HUGE Thank You from TRC to all the schools, teachers, students and parents who participated in the study.

It is hoped that the findings of the study will help government authorities, community health workers, community service providers, schools and parents to understand the factors responsible for children’s behavioural problems and design programmes/strategies to enhance positive child development.

Bushra says: “Through the forum of TRC we will be happy to share the school level study findings and are also willing to provide support on the issue of child behaviour challenges.”