UNESCO Pakistan in collaboration with Idara Taleem o Agahi (ITA), initiated a project for celebrating teachers and their continued journeys of success despite the general disregard and indifference faced by them in education policy and society in general. The “Remembering Empowered Teachers” project was an attempt to highlight the positive role and contributions the teachers made to society. UNESCO and ITA decided to collect 100 stories from all over Pakistan. These narratives were aimed at inspiring new teachers to achieve professional excellence, while also nudging readers to rethink and change their perspective towards teachers and the teaching profession.

TRC participated in this project by sharing stories of committed teachers in government schools – we are happy to share the stories of Ms. Mehnaz Amir Ali and Ms. Naheed Parveen that were selected by UNESCO-ITA and are posted on their website.

Ms. Mehnaz Amir Ali

Ms. Naheed Parveen

Teachers Stories on the UNESCO website