After the ECE Orientation workshop for heads and supervisors two concurrent workshops  titled “Behter Mustaqbil Ki Janib Gamzan” was held for the teachers of Jamshed and Korangi Towns at TRC, from August 10 – 21, from 8:30 a.m. – 1:30p.m. These 50 hour workshops were completed in ten days. A total of 41 teachers and 01 supervisor (on request from her) attended the workshop. This workshop was the second in a series of workshops and classroom support TRC will be engaged in over the next two years, with these Towns.

TRC resource persons Mehnaz Amir Ali, Nahid Parveen, Nighat Hasan and Seema Yasmin facilitated the workshop along with Farah Rebecca and Tabinda Jabeen, two teachers from PECHS Girls’ School who are recent TRC-IECE graduates.

The participants were introduced to the importance of ECE and active learning. The topics covered were growth and development, how children learn, the setting up of a developmentally appropriate learning environment for young children and observation and assessment.
The workshop was based on the National Curriculum for ECE. Mazboot Bunyadaen, the Urdu version of Strong Foundations, our ECE Teachers’ Guide was also distributed to the teachers to help them implement the Curriculum in their classrooms. The participants also learnt about developmentally appropriate classroom activities that they would need to implement throughout the daily routine; communicating and involving parents in classroom activities; and the importance and different methods of singing rhymes and telling stories to young children.

Different teaching-learning methods, such as, role-play, simulation, brainstorming, interactive lectures, group work and discussions and our training videos on the learning environment and the development of language and literacy skills were used.

The participants in both groups were enthusiastic, motivated and vocal. They shared their school experiences and discussed their concerns regarding the ECE classroom environment.