TRC and the EDO Education, City District Government Karachi, Mr. Muhammad Ibrahim Khumbhar, formalised a working relationship by signing an MOU on July 30, 2009.

Following the long awaited green signal to strengthen ECE classrooms in 40 public sector schools, the process moved ahead very swiftly. The EDO was very enthusiastic and requested that the workshops for heads and teachers be completed before Ramadhan.

It was agreed that “Behter Mustaqbil Ki Janib Gamzan” would be held as soon as schools reopened after the summer holidays. On August 04 – 05, from 9:00 – 2:00, TRC buzzed with activity, as 39 heads and 02 supervisors attended the ECE Orientation workshop. This workshop is the first in a series of workshops and classroom support TRC will be engaged in over the next two years, with Jamshed and Korangi Towns.

TRC’s Farzana Kausar, and Tabinda Jabeen, a teacher in PECHS Girls’ School who is a recent TRC-IECE graduate, gave participants an overview of ECE. The topics included the value of play, the setting up of a developmentally appropriate learning environment, the National ECE Curriculum and observation and assessment. The workshop focussed on participants’ role as heads and supervisors … what they would need to do to support their teachers to implement the National Curriculum for ECE. They also learnt about communicating with teachers, leadership qualities, observation in the classroom and giving effective feedback A classroom observation tool was handed out and discussed in detail. They developed a year long Action Plan to help them implement ECE successfully in their schools.

The participants were very enthusiastic and enjoyed the workshop’s varied methodology: brainstorming, interactive lectures, group work and discussions, reflection and self assessment, role play on communication and giving feedback and watching our training videos on the learning environment and the development of language and literacy skills. They shared their school experiences and discussed their concerns regarding the ECE classroom set up, and Observation and Assessment.

Supported by the Royal Netherlands Embassy, RCC is a multi partner project initiated to strengthen ECE in Pakistan; it is coordinated by the Aga Khan Foundation Pakistan.