The Ed Links Programme organized a four day planning exercise for it’s year 3 activities across Pakistan from August 3-6, 2009. EdLinks – Links to Learning is a 5 year USAID-funded programme that supports improvements in quality education in secondary schools in Sindh, Balochistan, ICT and FATA. In partnership with the Government of Pakistan, ED-LINKS improves student learning processes and teacher professional development in Mathematics, Science, Information and Communication Technology/Computer Science, and English Language. In addition, ED-LINKS works to strengthen education leadership and management and upgrade the government’s EMIS infrastructure.

Under this programme, TRC is responsible for the development of interactive digital material for students of Classes 6-8. During the planning meeting, we contributed to the overall planning of the ICT Component (Information Communication Technology) of EdLinks and also provided input on other teacher education and policy initiatives to be rolled out from November 2009 onwards.