10 March 2008: The PTB is considered an invaluable learning resource by all the ECE teachers who currently use it, in public sector schools across Pakistan. The PTB first launched in 1999, is undergoing a thorough review; all the contents and design of the Basta are being updated and it is hoped that the improved bag will be of even greater value to its users. It is expected that the new Bastas will be available for sale by the end of this year.
A colleague and friend of TRC recently wrote about the TRC-Institute of ECE; the ECE-CP and the PTB:
” Congratulations on the excellent work you are doing. This is wonderful news indeed!  I still remember the Taleemi Basta and think it is one of the best examples of an ECCD kit I’ve seen.  I wish I’d bought one when I was in Pakistan.”

Hania Kamel, Ph.D
International ECD Specialist