In our role as Technical Assistance partner for the RCC project, now supported, in its third phase, by the Royal Netherlands Embassy (RNE), we were requested by SOCIETY (RCC implementing partner) to train ECE teachers for some additional schools they are working with this year.

The TRC team conducted a six-day, 48-hour workshop titled “Ibteda-e-Bachpan ki Taleem Qaumi Nisab ki Roshani Main” in Mastung, from September 03 – 08, 2007,

A total of 24 public sector teachers attended the workshop. Their knowledge was enhanced about the principles of ECE, Holistic Development, An ECE Learning Environment, Observation and Assessment, and the Learning Content outlined in the National Curriculum for ECE.

A range of methodologies were used to deliver the workshop including brainstorming, group work, role play activities, work stations and interactive group discussions.

The participants were enthusiastic and eager to incorporate knowledge gained from the workshops into their classrooms, and they said they look forward to TRC workshops in the future.