Dear All,

Teachers’ Resource Centre has initiated a series of talks from January 2016 that focus on issues around educational pedagogy, understanding the IB system, successful interventions in school management, special needs and inclusive education. These talks are delivered by speakers with an educational background, enriched by valuable experience in their relevant field. The sessions are interactive throughout to enhance the value of the discussion for all the participants.

Being mindful is an idea—actually a way of being—whose time has come. It’s an approach that recognises and cultivates the best of who we are as human beings and is today an essential part of the National Curriculum of many countries as a component of the SPHE (Social Physical and Health Education) program. The simple act of being mindful has the power to change everything—how we approach ourselves, our challenges, our relationships, and our communities. Being mindful is part of the spirit of the times. It is likely to become a transformative social phenomenon for these key reasons.

Mindfulness is already having an impact in our schools, hospitals, offices, governments, and many other places. It’s helping us to become healthier, to lead more effectively, and to cooperate with each other in making a better world.

During this two-hour session you will be involved in discussions, watch videos, experience guided meditation sessions and read professional development articles, which will help you understand the importance of mindfulness.

The main objectives of the interactive talk session are:
• develop an understanding of what Mindfulness is and why we spend so much of our time being ‘mindless’
• learn to relieve stress in one’s own life and help students do the same
• see the link between Mindfulness and a better classroom environment
• develop the tools to help students learn to pay attention and become better listeners
• understand one’s role as a facilitator of a holistic school experience for young children

The details of the talk session are as follows:

Date: Saturday 24 September 2016

Timings: 10:00 am to 12:00 noon

Venue: Teachers’ Resource Centre

Who should attend? All Teachers, School Heads

Speaker’s Profile: Mr. Shahpur Jamall is the co-founder, Academic Director and Principal of Bay View Academy, a leading private school located in Karachi, Pakistan, which he cofounded in 1990. He also cofounded Southshore School for A-level Studies and serves on its board as a Director. Mr. Jamall holds a Masters Degree in Education from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) as well as a California Teaching Credential. He taught in the Los Angeles Unified School District before moving back to Pakistan 25 years ago.

Charges: Rs. 2000

Last date for registration with payment: 7 September 2016