We have always sought to provide our members with quality services through our workshops, publications and teaching-learning resources. What our members have to say about our services is very important to us and we generally ask them for their reactions and comments via our evaluation forms. This year, however, we decided it was high time we made personal visits again. So, over the last two months, November and December 2008, our team has been out and around Karachi visiting member schools.
Through informal conversations with school heads and coordinators, we have received valuable feedback about our workshops, our library, our publications, and film club. For the most part, members are happy with the breadth of topics covered by our workshop programme and find all our resources useful. They really appreciated the face to face visits as much as we did.

Some concerns were expressed regarding the distance of our new location. This has a direct impact on the cost of getting teachers to the venue, be it for workshops or to use our library. We appreciate the honesty with which member schools have responded to our visits, which will continue in January and February 2009. Thank you schools! Your feedback will be at the forefront when we sit down to plan for next year.