Approximately 200, 3-5 year old children come to the ECE Centre six days a week to get a head start to learning. The teachers, trained by TRC implement the National ECE Curriculum, designed by TRC and adopted by the Ministry of Education in 2002.

On 14 November 2006, Osama Qadri visited the ECE Centre, which had been chosen as a venue for raising awareness about polio. He was totally amazed … “How is all this happening?” he asked. The children were engaged in various learning areas: the Home Corner, the Math Corner, the Science Corner and the Art Corner. He was so impressed as children responded to his questions about what they were doing, but for them it was “all in a day’s work.”

Mr. Qadri inaugurated the polio eradiction scheme by giving polio drops to the children. Before he left, he offered to have the building white washed and to send two reams of paper every month for the children to paint on. We hope he keeps his promise!