From July 29 – August 01 2008, we conducted another 15-hour workshop for 26 Kindergarten teachers in Orangi. These teachers who work in schools supported by DIL (Development in Literacy), were very excited about learning to set up a child-friendly learning environment.

The workshop titled “Ibteda-e-Bachpan aur Khushgawar Taleemi Mahaul” addressed the following topics: What is a Learning Environment, Classroom Organisation, Learning Corners, Daily Routines, Non-Threatening Environments and the Teachers’ Role in an Early Years’Classroom.
Through brainstorming, group work, discussions and role-play teachers engaged in active learning. Some participants applied the themes of the workshop even further. “I gained a lot of self-confidence and had the opportunity to reflect on my own areas for development,” expressed one teacher.

We bid adieu to participants with the message that the right environment promotes feelings of well-being and as a result, the motivation to learn and focus.