A group of four teacher-trainers from ITREB visited TRC on 20 February, 2009 to explore teaching resources in Urdu that could be used to train ECE teachers in the northern areas of Pakistan. The group was introduced to the learning resources offered by TRC which the trainers viewed with much interest and attention, especially the videos for early childhood educators They also showed interest in Strong Foundations, Behtar School ke Jaanib and the Pehla Taleemi Basta (PTB). Each trainer was given copies of the bi-annual resource Ilm o Amal and Learning Resources pack, highlighting TRC’ s materials on sale. The team later purchased one of each of the items on sale and showed keen interest in placing an order for the PTB as well as renewing their membership with TRC. They left with a feeling of being inspired and expressed a keen desire to continue to work with us in future.