In December 2005, the Education Development Centre (EDC), an ESRA consortium partner, based in Washington D.C. negotiated a project with TRC to build the capacity of selected school heads, in order to improve the quality of primary education in schools operating under the Federal Directorate of Education (FDE). TRC agreed to undertake this ESRA Plus Initiative project, which entails working with FDE school heads and EDC consultants over a period of six months, to foster a new model of school leadership, through a series of workshops.TRC staff conducted the first workshop of this series in June 2006, in Islamabad. This 24-hour workshop titled”Initiating Change in FDE Schools through School Leadership” was conducted for school heads and deputy school heads. It aimed to develop the participants’ leadership skills and abilities, enhance their knowledge and understanding of school vision, mission and values, and change management, so that they could operate their schools effectively.

The second 24-hour workshop, for the same participants was held in Karachi in July. The topics covered were team dynamics and team building, managing staff and parent-teacher meetings effectively, children’s needs and active learning and school development planning. In groups, the participants made school development plans; as an assignment they will now make their own individual school development plans.

Classroom management, curriculum implementation, assessment and the principal’s role in all of these areas, were also addressed.

The last workshop of the series will be held in September.