The TRC Team went to Azad Kashmir at the request of Save the Children UK (SCUK), who are supporting the development of 40 ECE Government Schools in Bagh and Muzaffarabad, in collaboration with the Education Ministry in AJK.

We conducted two concurrent workshops, titled Ibteda-e-Bachpan ki Taleem Qaumi Nisab ki Roshani Main from August 20 – 25 2007. Our 48-hour workshop module walks teachers through the National Curriculum for ECE (NC-ECE). Some of the topics covered in this workshop are holistic child development; setting up a quality, active learning environment for young children; observation and on-going assessment of learning outcomes and of course, the six key learning areas in the NC-ECE: Personal & Social Development, Language & Literacy, Basic Math Concepts, Creative Arts, Health Hygiene & Safety and The World Around Us.

The participants were excited about their new learning and found the workshop content engaging and meaningful. As always, a range of participatory and interactive methods were used to deliver the learning content, including brainstorming, group work, reflection and discussions, role play, work stations and interactive group discussions.

Some primary and some secondary government school teachers had been identified to work with young children in the newly established ECE Centres. A number of them were apprehensive about ECE and were worried that they were being demoted to teaching such young children … our team succeeded in clarifying any misconceptions they may have had about ECE. By the end of the workshop, they were really keen to translate their new learning into action.

SC-UK has discussed follow up workshops and school visits for the participants. So we may be back there in the near future.