UNESCO had commissioned TRC with a project designed to raise awareness of the importance of ECE, among local level decision-makers in the public sector in Sindh. The objectives of the project were: to highlight the need and significance of ECE, and to share information about innovative practices in the field of ECE.
The project included the development of an ECE Advocacy Resource Book (in English, Urdu and Sindhi) and workshops in two districts for district level decision makers for which TRC worked in partnership with the Directorate of Literacy and Non-formal Education.
The Sindhi version of the Advocacy Resource Book took a little longer than the Urdu one to translate and edit, but now, in May 2008 it is ready and has been disseminated widely. Copies are available at TRC, please call and ask us if you are interested.A PDF is also available. You can download it from our Resources section on Interact.