Dear Colleagues,

We sincerely hope that the last month of Earth Day exercises have helped raise consciousness and get the wheels in motion to take action and stop our planet from complete annihilation.

This year, TRC made a pledge to help “make everyday Earth Day” and as part of our commitment we promised to send weekly exercises to schools (for the duration of April and May) to help raise awareness and spread the initiative.

Our outline has been as follows:

? Week 1 we started with looking at Global Warming.

? Week 2 we introduced Carbon Footprint.

? Week 3 we explored waste disposal and factors that make our carbon footprint high.

? Week 4 we looked at some simple tips and techniques to help reduce our carbon footprint.

This week, we will look at the final result of all the concepts introduced in the last 4 weeks, climate change.

Let’s join hands and make 2010 a year of commitment, dedication and accountability towards our home and make a pledge to help clean it up. Remember: every little bit helps!

Climate Change
Suggested age group: 6 and up

Objective for younger age groups: To encourage students to research and think about climate change and how it impacts us and other living things around us.

Objective for older age groups: To encourage students to research and think about climate change, why it is a cause of concern, and how it impacts everything around us (i.e. people, animals, plants, environment, economy etc).

Please have the students consider the following factors:

1. What season it is.

2. What type of climate change is being experienced. Some suggestions are:

a. More rain or snowfall

b. Less rain or snowfall

c. More sunshine

d. Less sunshine

e. Higher daytime temperatures

f. Lower daytime temperatures

g. Higher wind speeds

3. How these changes would affect them.

4. How these changes would affect things around them.