Our library has a new set of Classroom Management DVDs! Nancy Morton wanted to use these videos for her workshop in July. The set however, was pretty bulky and she wanted to copy them on a CD, so she asked the company for permission to copy them. When Jo Lynne Jones, one of the co-owners of Fredric H. Jones & Associates, Inc. in Santa Cruz, heard that it was for a non-profit in Karachi (she visited our website), she donated the entire set of DVD’s on Classroom Management from their ‘Tools for Teaching‘ series. So Nancy got a slimmer package to carry … DVDs instead of the videos she had, and TRC got a new set of resources for classroom management. Nancy brought a small DVD player along and she donated that to TRC. Do call us and come along in a group to watch these DVDs. We have been in touch with Jo Lynne Jones, and if you are reading this Jo, Thanks again!