Badal Do

Badal Do, an initiative focused on teacher sensitization with an aim to bring about inclusive and innovative tools in education. The initiative aimed at adopting creative methods to make peace, social inclusion, diversity and tolerance part of the educational experience, in the classrooms and beyond.

The training entailed experiential learning, interactive teaching methods, a mix of teacher training modules and creative approaches through the use of collaborative spaces and mediums of theatre, arts, music and travel. The year-long project was led by a consortium of seven well-reputed organizations: AzCorp Entertainment, Beyond The Classroom Education (BTC), Pak-American Cultural Centre (PACC), Teachers’ Resource Centre (TRC), Children’s Museum for Peace and Human Rights (CMPHR), The School of Writing (TSW) and Mind Map Communications (MMC).

Badal Do’s journey has been welcomed by 200+ schools and 400+ teachers in its initial phase.