February 07, 2008 marked the end of another successful academic year for the students of the TRC-Institute of ECE (TRC – IECE). With assignments, tasks and final evaluations over and done with, our students were relieved but also felt at a bit of a loss. Accustomed to classes in the afternoon, straight after school, the intellectual stimulation and challenge of a year long programme in ECE, they were concerned that their learning curves would reach a plateau. So, they have formed an alumni group that meets once a month at the TRC-IECE to discuss ECE issues and work on small projects under the supervision of the Academic Coordinator.
On the evening of May 09, at a simple ceremony, Ms. Mahtab Rashdi, Chairperson of the TRC – IECE awarded certificates to the graduating students, as their parents, some siblings and school heads looked on with pride. Three students shared reflections of their year at IECE, and how the ECE programme had changed their perceptions of teaching, learning and childhood.