At the end of every working year TRC holds its AGM, in which all the stakeholders are apprised of that years achievements. This year was an exception though, as apart from the customary hum that accompanies the AGM there was a special significance to the whole event. This AGM ushered in the coming of age of TRC. Yes, we”ve been here for 21 years and we mean to celebrate this in a suitab;e manner. We”ll fill you all in on the celebratory plans soon. The eighty or so participants (TRC Stakeholders) showed their enthusiasm and interest by promising to provide assistance wherever they could, to help make TRC”s twenty-one year celebrations a success.

This AGM also marked the successful end of the First academic year of the TRC”s Institute of Early Childhood Education (IECE). To complete this academic cycle, TRC-IECE awarded the graduating Year One students with their Certificates. Graduating students, their family members, and spme employers commended TRC”s dedication and commitment.