This quarter saw the end of Term 3 of the ECE-CP 2014-15 where students bid goodbyes and farewells to their peers and course leaders with promises of staying in touch. The programme’s closure kept the faculty busy in grading assignments and evaluations and in compilation of the end of term results.

Concurrently recruitment for the next batch was in full swing with applicants’ interviews and written assessments progressing side by side. The student handbook and the academic skills’ guide for the 2015-16 session were reviewed for the student orientation before commencement of classes.

The 10th batch is Onboard!


A student orientation was held on August 6, 2015. The orientation was well attended by the newly enrolled candidates. Ambreena Ahmed, Director, TRC formally welcomed the candidates and later Noshin Khan, Senior Manager IECE and Uzma Rauf, Manager, IECE provided detailed briefings about how the programme will be rolled out and expectations from students. The candidates were encouraged to ask questions and discuss any aspect which they felt needed more clarity.

At the orientation the enrolled candidates officially became students of the ECE-CP as they received their student cards, library cards, academic calendar, student handbook and academic skills’ guide. An informal chat between students and IECE management followed. Tea and snacks marked the end of the orientation.

Term 1 Classes Begin

The end of this quarter saw the beginning of the scheduled classes for Term 1 of the ECE-CP 2015-16. Along with the planned regular classes, both pre and in-service students were given orientations on the Field Education course. For placement of the pre-service students, the schools were contacted where orientation meetings with the school, field supervising teachers and the pre-service students were initiated to help the students settle into their field classes.