ECE-CP Activities

The recruitment process for the 9th cohort continued throughout the quarter and the staff kept busy with responding to queries and engaging with the potential applicants.

Concurrently the faculty was busy winding up the tail end of the last academic term which included preparation of results and getting ready for the new session. Preparations for the outgoing cohort’s graduation and orientation of the new batch were carried out.

For the new session the faculty was engaged in reviewing and enriching the courses and assignments. New academic calendar was prepared and student handbooks were reviewed and updated.

The 8th Cohort Graduates!

On September 27, 2014, the 8th graduation ceremony was hosted at TRC with the beaming 20 graduates and their families in attendance.

TRC Director, Ambreena Ahmed warmly welcomed the graduates, the guests and guest of honour, Ms Seema Malik, former Director, TRC. Mahenaz Mahmud, Academic Programmes Advisor, narrated the story of how TRC-IECE came to be and how TRC evolved as an institution through this programme. She highlighted the programme’s academic rigour and unique faculty-student engagements as the most notable features of the ECE-CP.

This year’s batch was a mixed group of pre-service and in-service teachers, some of whom spoke on the occasion and talked about how the programme changed their lives and their understanding of young children and their development.


Certificates were awarded to the graduating students much to their delight; they finally reaped the fruit of painstaking efforts which for most meant juggling household and professional responsibilities along with the course commitments.

Certificates were also presented to the eight participants of the ‘Leadership & Management’ course which was conducted by Mahenaz Mahmud.

In her address, the guest of honour, Ms Seema Malik talked about her association with TRC and her journey of learning and development with the organisation. She shared some of her personal experiences especially addressing the graduates emphasising on how we should be balancing personal relationships and work and prioritising each sincerely.


Concluding the ceremony TRC Director, Ambreena Ahmed thanked the graduates and guests and invited them for tea and refreshments.