The third and final term of the ECE-CP commenced during the quarter. With the academic session coming to its end in early July, the faculty was busy with wrap-up tasks. The final field observations were carried out by the Field Supervising Teachers (TRC-IECE Academic Advisor and faculty members), which were in turn followed up by post-observation discussions with the students.

With the start of summer vacations in June, the class schedules changed and full day classes were organised throwing IECE students into a back-to-school routine.

The admissions formally opened during the last reporting period and follow up activities continued during this one. The first round of interviews and aptitude tests took place on April 22, 2015. Following the first round of interviews successful candidates were duly informed of the selection decision.

With admissions in progress, we are still accepting applications for the new and second round of interviews. For details, please call or email us.