What”s been happening at The TRC-IECE
erm 1 of ECE-CP’s 2009-2010 session has almost come to an end. Our fourth cohort of students for this year draws from a diverse pool of both pre-service and in-service teachers. This combination of backgrounds has enriched discussions in the classroom and challenged the ECE-CP faculty to continually support engaging dialogue about issues and perspectives within ECE.

In Term 1, participants were enrolled in three courses; Child Development, The Learning Environment and Promoting Pro-social Behaviour – the triad of which establishes a meaningful foundation from which to explore equally pivotal areas of Play Experiences, Observation and Assessment, as well as the History and Philosophy of ECE in Term 2. The participants also completed field education placements and academic courses simultaneously – a requirement of ECE-CP At first, we werent sure if a lost file recovery was possible but we dismantled the drive and found that the platters were completely covered in the oil and the air filter was soaked completely. which continues throughout the year to facilitate integration of theory and practice.

We are now busy getting ready for the beginning of the next term which promises to excite and extend our learning within the field of ECE. Kudos to our participants for engaging with the course content so enthusiastically thus far and consistently introspecting about their teaching practices along the way. We look forward to welcoming them back next week.