ECE-CPU Pilot ends Successfully
ECE_CPU2June 14, 2012 brought an end to Term 3 of our pilot programme, ECE-CPU 2011-2012. Despite the end of term workload and stress, the spirit and enthusiasm amongst students persisted. According to them, it had been a unique learning experience, the likes of which they had never gone through before. Tehseen Durrani, a public sector primary school teacher said, “I didn’t have any idea of the individuality of a child and always compared children with each other. This programme has helped me understand that each child is an individual.” According to Saima, a teacher from Korangi Academy, “We always focused on the behaviour of children and didn’t look into the causes and reasons for that behaviour. Now my focus has shifted towards the causes.” Sadia Kanwal from PECHS Girls’ School said, “This programme has brought positive changes in my personal as well as professional life. I have learned to resolve conflicts, find solutions to problems and I am trying to inculcate these practices in children too.” Aqeela Perveen, a Head teacher from Orangi Town commented, “All head teachers from the public sector should enrol in this programme so that they understand the importance of ECE and support teachers in implementing the National Curriculum for ECE.”

ECE-CP 2011-2012 – Another Chapter Ends!
ece_cpu22The ECE-CP 2011-2012 ended on June 21, 2012. In order to give students a break after the rigorous programme and before they went back to school in August, we hold full day classes in June. Both students and faculty look forward to this different experience of classes in the morning, lunch at IECE and interaction and support through the day.

Undoubtedly, it was an intense period, deadlines and assignments all coming to a head … completion of group projects and presentations, written assignments, research work and much stress and tension which helps students to learn how to multi task and to work under pressure. With classes back to back, and deadlines coming up one after the other … each completed/submitted assignment brought a sigh of relief! The soon to become graduates, welcomed the last and heaviest of all weeks, with anticipation and excitement.

Joint Classes for ECE-CP & CPU

Two classes were held in TRC’s multi-purpose room to bring together all 26 students of TRC-IECE. The conversation between the public sector (teachers and supervisor) and private sector students (class teachers and Urdu teachers) was indeed thought provoking for most. Many stereotypes and myths about each other were shattered as they challenged each other with questions and answers and discussion at much deeper levels. The interaction ended in a newfound respect for each other’s work and circumstances.
iece_lunch2-300x193On the last day, Sara Alqera, an ECE-CP student organised a mouth watering lunch for everyone, all TRC staff, TRC-IECE students and faculty. Once again, the multi-purpose room came to life with a festive look given Sara’s meticulous organisation and attention to detail. Thank you once again, Sara!

TRC-IECE Alumni Meetup

The TRC-IECE alumni had its first meeting this year on April 06, 2012. Based on the responses in the Alumni Tracking Form, selected students from five previous batches were invited to attend with the objective of forming an alumni association.
home_express_ECECP_advert1Through careful deliberation over its role and the scope of its activities, the initial steps towards establishing the association were taken. Fundraising for TRC-IECE, scholarships and formation of study circles were some of the matters that the group considered during the meeting. The session turned out to be quite productive with the graduates deciding which areas they wanted to concentrate their efforts on and setting a date for the first study circle.

A small group of four decided they would place an advert in the July issue of Home Express, which according to them is popular and has a wide circulation. They raised the money and designed the advert. Thank you Nida Aftab, Afshan Fazil, Huba Aziz and Uzma Rauf 🙂

Study Circle in Full Swing

The TRC-IECE Alumni Study Circle has begun in full swing. The first session was held on April 24 2012, from 3:30 – 5:00 pm. The students were delighted and filled with nostalgia to be back in their classroom discussing issues related to ECE; the topic selected by the students for the first session was Attachment Theory. TRC-IECE Academic Coordinator, Mahenaz Mahmud, leads these sessions. The process goes like this: Mahenaz emails selected readings to the Study Circle Group three weeks before the session is due, they read and jot down thoughts and questions and then a discussion ensues on the appointed day.

One of the students had been told by her management that she shouldn’t hug the little three olds in her care and she wanted to know why; she believed there was nothing wrong and wanted us to discuss this issue. So, the second Study Circle examined the Appropriateness of Physical Touch; it was held on May 25, 2012.
Our alumni are excited by the idea of continuous professional development by revisiting theories related to ECE, discussing and debating them, getting new insights and understanding the relationships and relevance of these theories to our daily lives and our work with young children. Students also found it interesting to meet alumni from the different year groups. Those who belonged to the 2005-2006 cohort proudly proclaimed that they were from the 1st IECE batch!