“Play acts as an integrating mechanism which enables children to draw on past experiences, represent them in different ways, make connections, explore possibilities, and create a sense of meaning. It integrates cognitive processes and skills which assist in learning. Some of these develop spontaneously, others have to be learnt consciously in order to make learning more efficient. We would all like children to become successful learners.”

Source: Bennet et al (1996) quoted in The National Curriculum for Early Childhood Education (2007) Ministry of Education, Government of Pakistan.

Why should I attend this workshop?

Are you interested in teaching young children? Have you just begun working in an early years’ classroom? Are you confused about how much play is appropriate in the context of a formal learning environment? Do you wonder how to assess young children’s learning in an active learning environment? If you have answered yes to more than two of these questions, then this workshop is definitely for you!

What will I learn?

In this 50 hour workshop, you will learn about the latest research on brain development, Piaget’s and Erikson’s stages of Cognitive and Emotional Development, and the High/Scope Active Learning Curriculum.

An overview of the workshop:

Introduction to the National Curriculum for ECE
Importance of ECE
Highlights of the Curriculum
Principles of Quality ECE Programmes
Developmentally Appropriate Practice

The Child
Growth and Development
Children’s Needs
Nurturing Positive Self Esteem
The Learning Process
Concept and Skill Development
Health and Nutrition
External Influences on the Child’s Development

Key Learning Areas
Personal & Social Development
Language & Literacy
Basic Mathematical Concepts
The World Around Us
Health Hygiene & Safety
Creative Arts

The Learning Environment
Setting up an Active Learning Environment
Organising the Classroom
The Daily Routine

The Teacher
Qualities of an ECE Teacher
Effective Communication Skills
Lesson Plans
Self Evaluation
Record Keeping
Material Making for Active Learning

Observation and Assessment
Observation Methods and Skills
Maintaining Portfolios
Progress Reports to Parents

Will I have to sit still and listen for many hours at a stretch?

No, you won’t. This will be a participative, hands-on workshop with brainstorming, interactive lectures, reading, role play, case studies, pair and group activities.

Who will facilitate the workshop?

Faculty & Workshop Leaders of TRC – IECE

Ghazanfar Shahzad
Sadiya Azeem
Uzma Rauf

Total Seats: 20 Seats Filled: 16 Seats Left: 04


When: Monday, June 01 to Friday, June 05 2009
Saturday & Sunday OFF
Monday, June 08 to Friday, June 12 2009
9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Where: TRC – Institute of ECE

Fee: Rs. 12,500 (for TRC members)/ Rs. 16,000 (for non-members)
Registration will be done on a first come, first served basis. The form and fee should reach TRC latest by 25 May, 2009. We will register only 20 participants and may have to close registrations well before this date.