Revitalise your knowledge and understanding of early years education

TRC-IECE is pleased to announce the initiation of refresher courses for its alumni from September 2013.

This step has been taken to meet the overwhelming demand that we receive from our alumni for refreshing core concepts of the courses that they took as part of the comprehensive certification programme.

Through this initiative, the alumni will be able to enrol in their desired courses to refresh what they learnt while they attended the full-fledged ECE-CP.

This will be a great opportunity to reconnect with theory, discuss and share practical experiences gained after graduation and take back learning with fresh perspectives to the field again.

Please note that there are only limited seats available for refresher courses in the coming term. If you’re interested to go back to the IECE class and avail this opportunity, kindly review the instructions provided below.
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For further information regarding what courses are we putting up for the next term and details regarding fee structure and timelines, please visit the following link:

TRC-IECE Alumni Refreshers (2013-14) Details

For registration, please download the Enrolment Form, print and submit it along with the payment at TRC-IECE before the closing dates.