TRC recently assisted TCF develop criteria for selecting potential Workshop Leaders from amongst their teachers and staff. The criteria were drawn from TRC’s experience in the field of teacher training, and developed to help TCF assess potential trainers.

After completing the selection process, TCF requested that TRC provide training for their new workshop leaders on language development. Entitled “Language and Learning,” the 15 hour workshops dealt with how children learn, how language develops, and how to support and correct language development in the primary years. The workshops were held in April, in both Karachi and Lahore, for the benefit of 50 participants. Each of these workshop leaders will be responsible in turn for training 25 teachers, meaning that 1250 teachers within the TCF school network will benefit from the TRC training.

TRC is very happy to be reconnecting with TCF. Soon after TCF was established in 1995, TRC helped train teachers for their new schools. By renewing this partnership, TCF will be looking towards TRC to continue training their workshop leaders, who will in turn be training teachers throughout TCF’ schools.