Media Violence is a serious issue, we all agree. But studies disagree about the impact that it has on children. One group says that the Media only reflects the society but plays no role in promoting violence; another camp feels that constant exposure to gruesome images and sensational reporting trivializes the evils of violence and makes children apathetic and insensitive, a state that leads to the greater acceptance of violence or even deriving pleasure from it.

Ex-teacher (and winner of many accolades for his brilliant work in the use of education technology), Tom Snyder, has developed a brilliant computer-based application – Violence in the Media – as part of his company’s famous “Decisions, Decisions” series. Aimed at Grades 5-10, this simulated scenario covers issues of Television Violence, Censorship, and Free Speech. The software has received the Teachers’ Choice Award and the Technology & Learning Award of Excellence, in addition to being chosen for the prestigious Media & Methods Awards Portfolio.

If you are interested in an interactive demo of how such software is used and what benefits, if any, result from it, get in touch with us.

While any teachers from the above grades – as well as Heads – may attend, the teachers most suitable for this session would be those involved in Social Sciences, Languages, and Arts. This announcement was made in 2006. Not one head or teacher got in touch with us. It is now 2012!