“Ohhh! It has direct relevance to the class,” said a teacher, as soon as the TV was switched off at the end of the screening of 12 Angry Men, on Nov 25, at the TRC premises. The film, a black and white, small-screen, 1957 production, shot in just 21 days, held everyone’s attention, despite 89 of it’s 92-minute length being shot in one room and around one table.

Attended by a lively group, 12 angry Men led to discussions covering prejudice, bias, generation gap and more. The tea-break also found people discussing the merits of acting, direction, and photography in this powerful film.

Schools that participated in this session are considering a special showing of ‘Cheaters‘ with teachers, some teenage students, and parents because of some of the issues raised in the film.

With everyone at schools busy with exams and preparations over the next few weeks, followed by holidays, it was decided to hold the next Film Club session in January.

Meanwhile, don’t forget that one of Karachi’s most awaited annual events, the KaraFilm Festival, is running from Dec 7th to Dec 17th. To those of you who attend, we request keeping our Film Club in mind and sending us suggestions for any films that suit our purpose.