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Bring a little bit of magic to this gift-giving season with our limited edition,exclusive merchandise. Our signature totes, stationery pouches, mugs and notebooks have meticulously designed and curated by our fabulous designer and will capture imagination and heart! While our holiday plans may look a little different this year, our limited-edition collection, inspired by some of our favourite festive moments, is sure to spark joy.


Tote Me Up

Our Tote Me Up series is your everyday tote with a little twist. Take it to the beach or use it to carry your trusty laptop, notebook, and other essentials you can’t do without. Choose from four unique and aesthetically pleasing designs and wear it on your hand or on your shoulder.

Dimensions: 15″ x 13″
Features: Canvas fabric, machine washable
Price: Rs. 700 (exclusive of delivery charges).

Just Ink It

Are you a meticulous planner? An ardent note taker or just a day dreamer who loves journaling? If yes, then our Just Ink It series is just the thing for you. Featuring four colourful designs, these easy-to-carry notebooks are sure to capture your imagination. And they won’t break the bank either, making them budget-friendly gifts.

Dimensions: 8” x 5.5”
Features: Soft back, 80 pages
Price: Rs. 220 (exclusive of delivery charges).

What’s Up, Brew?

Start your day off right with our customised mugs. Our quaint mugs are perfect for sipping on your morning coffee, afternoon tea or whatever beverage you enjoy. These glossy white mugs with vivid prints retain their quality when dishwashed or microwaved. Give them as a gift to someone special or treat yourself to a design that speaks to you in some way.

Features: Glossy white finish, dishwasher and microwave safe
Price: Rs. 450 (exclusive of delivery and special handling charges).


Our versatile canvas stationery pouches can literally hold it all – from pens to mascara and from post-its to perfume. Choose from four, fun designs and give your stationery, accessories, and everyday essentials a home. These funky pouches will inspire you think outside the box, especially on those uncreative days!

Production dimensions: 9” x 5”
Features: Canvas fabric, machine washable
Price: Rs. 400 (exclusive of delivery charges).

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