The TRC Team

In 2007, we developed a new team profile that aims to move away from the familiar hierarchical framework towards a more lateral approach where individuals take leadership in completing projects. This is not a common trend in Pakistan’s development sector, but we believe it will promote a culture of intellectual integrity and self-accountability, which should help foster effective collaboration across teams and projects. By changing the way we approach our tasks, we are developing the necessary skills for teams to manage conflict, and work together to reach creative and effective solutions for projects and programmes. By supporting all the members of the TRC Team, we provide them the space to approach our values and activities with a sense of ownership, accountability and commitment.

TRC is managed by a professional team of 10 full time and part time staff and is supported by a Governing Body who provides direction in all policy matters.

Training and Development Team (TDT)
Our TDT is involved in a range of educational activities for early childhood and primary education. These include, teacher education and training, classroom support, training and supporting workshop leaders, developing teaching and learning resources for early years’ classrooms, the publication of learning resources for all school levels, curriculum development, educational research, policy dialogue and management of educational events. Based on the TDT’s areas of interest and professional expertise, each member of the team is assigned different tasks.

In November 2011, when TRC turned 25, we asked the TRC Team if any of them would like to write a few words about their time here. Here is what they said:

Office Support Team
Our Office Support Team (OST) is the backbone of TRC. They provide all kinds of support and relief to the TDT and to member schools. Without them, none of the work we do would be possible!

Najam Naqvi is our Office Manager; everyone goes to him for just about everything and Muhammad Wasif assists him. Wasif manages the logistical aspects of our workshops and courses and our Membership Network and anything else Najam delegates. We depend on Ateka Ghulam Nabi, Assistant Finance Manager and Taha Afaq, Accounts Officer to deal with all the finances and Zaeem Samson manages the telephone calls at the reception.

Some of them who have been with us for a long time, share their sentiments:

Maintenance and Logistics Team
Where would we be without our Maintenance and Logistics Team? They are responsible for the travel and transport, deliveries and running around, upkeep and maintenance of the premises. They make sure we have clean, functional offices, classrooms and transport and that we get our cups of refreshing tea, coffee and lunch.

Muhammad Tahir, Sharda and Raheel ensure that we have clean premises and willingly do other odd jobs around the office. Muhammad Zada, always punctual and with a positive outlook, and Khista Mir make sure we get to school visits, meetings and the airport for outstation workshops or conferences, on time. Kazim Raza makes sure the lift stays in working order and that we are ‘safe’ behind the entrance door.

Glimpses of Our Team

Our Management Team

Ambreena Ahmed – Director

Ambreena took directorship charge when Seema Malik, who served as Director for more than two decades, decided to bow out. Ambreena joined TRC as Assistant Director in 2013 and previously worked for 12 years at the Sindh Education Foundation, one of the leading public sector agencies of the Province, at various senior management positions. Her responsibilities at TRC include strategic planning for growth and sustainability of the organisation, managing programmes and projects, advising the governing body on policy development and soliciting and managing funding from a wide range of donors.

Rubina Naqvi – Senior Manager Membership Network

Rubina shoulders the overall responsibility of the Workshop Programme, which involves liaising with member schools and workshop leaders, for the multi-school and school- focused workshops conducted by TRC. She visits schools to assess their training needs, and solicits feedback on TRC’s services. She has planned and led workshops for teachers and school managers of member schools. In addition to this, she supervises the membership network and also contributes to office management. Her extensive experience with private schools as well as networking skills adds value to TRC services for member schools.

Noshin Khan – Senior Manager TRC-ECE

Noshin Khan has a Masters of Arts degree, from Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada. She has majored in Early Childhood Studies. Noshin also has a Bachelors of Arts degree in Early Childhood Education from Ryerson University. Since 2012, she has been teaching in their degree and diploma program in Early Childhood Education at two educational institutions in Toronto, Canada; Sheridan College and Ryerson University. She has a sound academic background and teaching expertise in the area of Early Childhood Education and Primary School teaching. In 2010 and 2011, Noshin taught child development in the Early Childhood Education- Certificate Program (ECE-CP) at TRC, Karachi.  Also, Noshin has eight years of experience as a teacher/ coordinator at a private school in Karachi, Pakistan. She is currently working at TRC as Senior Manager and faculty at the Institute of Early Childhood Education (IECE), Teachers’ Resource Centre.
Our Governing Body

Ms. Azra Raza
Honorary Chairperson
Teachers’ Resource Centre
Ms. Nancy Lobo
Honorary Secretary
Teachers’ Resource Centre
Mr. A. Rehman Mithani
Honorary Treasurer
Teachers’ Resource Centre
Ms. Furengeez D. Tampal
The Mama Parsi Girls’ Secondary School
Ms. Nargis Alavi
Habib Girls’ School
Mr. Shahpur Jamall
Bay View Academy
Ms. Nausheen Leghari
Links Primary and Secondary School
Ms. Saba Quadir
The AMI School, Sr. Branch
Ms. Seema Malik
PECHS Girls’ School
Ms. Azra Aqil
Karachi Cambridge School
Ms. Mahtab Akbar Rashdi
Teachers’ Resource Centre
Ms. Shanaz Ramzi
Teachers’ Resource Centre
Mr. Salahuddin Ahmed
Malik, Chaudhry, Ahmed & Siddiqi
Ms. Rana Hussain
Teachers’ Resource Centre
Mr. Aziz Kabani
Teachers’ Resource Centr
Ms. Ambreena Ahmed
Teachers’ Resource Centre