The Thinking Classroom Lesson Plans

We believe that teachers should develop their own lesson plans based on the interests of children in their class. However, there are days (and we all have them) when we need help with ideas on what to do on a Monday morning! The ideas below will hopefully help spark an idea.

You can add your own by downloading this template and following instructions. For a sample, you can have a look at the ECE Lesson Plans below, and you will see what we mean. The submitted Lesson Plans will be visible on the site after being approved by the TRC.

Each lesson plan will also allow others to share their classroom experiences and/or modifications that helped them use it in ways other than originally envisaged or suggested by the contributor. These could include a change of subject or grade level, but must be sufficiently different to warrant inclusion. Feel at liberty to interact with more experienced peers by asking for advice on matters related to the plans.

Note: The first set of Lesson Plans posted have been brought in from the original website and may not fully conform to the new template. All new submissions, however, are requested to do so.

Plants Module

Download the Plants Module (1.1 MB)

Fraction Module

Download the Fraction Module (2 MB)

Measurement Module

Download the Measurement Module (1.2 MB)

Human Body Module

Download the Human Body Module (1.2 MB)

Matter Module

Download the Matter Module (1.2 MB)

Ethics Module

Download the Ethics Module (1.4 MB)

Environment Module

Download the Environment Module (1.2 MB)

Shapes and Angles Module

Download the Shapes and Angles Module (1.6 MB)

Earth & Space Science Module

Download the Earth & Space Science Module (1.2 MB)

Our Country Module

Download the Our Country Module (1.2 MB)