The TRC Debates

February 2009: Status Update

We were going to have the first debate in 2006 … where have the years gone? Each time we were close to launching the first debate, political unrest and security concerns in the city resulted in unforeseen school closures. As a result, schools got busy working extra hours and Saturdays too, to make up for lost time. The uncertainty regarding the beginning of the academic year has also contributed to this delay, since it effects school examinations, and close to exam time, schools are generally not willing to engage in anything, other than exam prep.
Early in 2008, we were all set to launch a debate on Competition in Education. Our opinion poll was changed to match the topic of the debate. You can look at our Opinion Poll by scrolling down to the bottom of:
Competition is destructive and undermines self-esteem. So far, there are only 63 votes.      83% agreed and 17% disagreed

Anyway, the panel of debaters had all agreed and then backed out saying it was exam time. Luckily, we had not yet announced any dates for the debate.

Early this year (January 2009) at our Annual General Meeting, we announced that the Debates would definitely be held this year. Good News: Ms. Azra Raza, our chairperson, responded that she had a sponsor for us.

If you are interested in participating or have any ideas to share, please leave a comment.

Extending the Debates

The TRC Debates will, for reasons of a proper venue, allow limited participation. While online highlights and discussions will help catch some of the flavour, TRC would like to share the excitement and immediacy of the events to a greater degree with its members through video recordings on DVDs made available for a fair price.

Organizational efforts and assistance at the venue will need volunteers which we are sure to find from among our Members. However, expenses for a suitable venue, event management, professional recording, DVD publishing, and other elements will require partnerships and sponsorships.

Feel free to send in helpful suggestions regarding organizations you feel can support these additional activities. But please also bear in mind that neither editorial pressure nor tasteless commercialization is acceptable. Products that are deemed harmful to children or the environment will also be excluded.