Our Mission

Our mission is to pursue excellence in education and in professional practices. TRC will uphold high standards of academic and professional rigour in its programmes and projects. Our core values … integrity, open and honest communication, confidentiality of private information, respect for all, eco-friendly practices, fairness and social justice will guide all our work.

To this end we will:

  • Conduct year long certificate and diploma courses in ECE and primary education
  • Create opportunities for innovative programmes to meet the learning needs of diverse learners
  • Conduct research studies and school evaluations to assess quality and provide recommendations for school improvement
  • Provide consultancy and related services to support and develop the quality of educational systems and related areas of policy and practice

The TRC Logo
TRC was born from a seed; it was the beginning of a concept which has grown and matured, and evolved over the years, to become a provider of imagination and inspiration to the public and private education sector.

Our logo embodies the spirt of TRC as the organization enters its 25th year. The tree is a universal symbol of life, knowledge, and enlightenment. TRC empowers teachers to tap into their inherent potential, and the tree represents the enabling environment that we provide.